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Share Certificates

With our Share Certificates, you earn a fixed rate of return on your hard-earned savings. It’s like a savings account, but you’ll earn higher dividends over a specific period of time. That means you’re moving closer to your goals, whether you’re saving for a great adventure, a down payment on your dream home, or even retirement.

In addition to guaranteed returns, our federally insured Share Certificates let you:

  • Earn dividends that are compounded and credited monthly (the dividend period is equal to the account’s term)
  • Make unlimited additional deposits when the Share Certificate maturity date has been reached
  • Make withdrawals if you need access to your funds*
  • Renew your Share Certificate automatically at the end of your term

*Fee may be incurred for withdrawals made before maturity date. See credit union for complete details.

The rates, fees and terms applicable to your account at Elko Federal Credit Union are provided with this Truth-In-Savings Disclosure. Elko Federal Credit Union may offer other rates for these accounts from time to time.