Did you know if you use QuickBooks® you can connect your EFCU account?

Simple, Streamlined account management

For product support with QuickBooks® compatibility, please visit:

Attention Current QuickBooks®, Quicken® and Mint Users

Elko Federal Credit Union migrated to a new online and mobile banking system as of December 6, 2021. If you had EFCU your account linked to QuickBooks®, Quicken® or Mint software you will need to take action to ensure a smooth transition. 

You should read these documents carefully. Depending on the system you use, it is important to take note of your last successful upload. Duplicate transactions can occur if you have overlapping transaction dates in the new transaction download.

Conversion instructions
Mint conversion information
Quickbooks® online conversion instructions
Quicken® conversion instructions

Please carefully review your downloaded transactions after completing the migration instructions to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed on the register.

If you have any questions, please contact Quickbooks®

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